Welcome To The Brave New Worlds FAQ

1. What is Brave New Worlds?

Brave New Worlds is a Star Wars Saga campaign. It takes place during the era of the rebellion, around 10 years before the Battle of Yavin. It follows the adventures of Gamma Squad of the 32nd Imperial Legion/5th Battalion.

2. Why the name?

The main storyline of the campaign has Gamma Squad breaking through the disturbance at the edge of the galaxy and discovering new worlds. So obviously cannon is going to be broken. This is the plan at least. This group really likes to improvise.

3. So the PC’s are the bad guys?

No. Well, they’re not evil if that’s what you’re getting at. These are individuals from all walks of life who live in the Empire and have for one reason or another, decided to serve in her military. They all have their own desires, wants, fears and goals.

4. Are there any house rules?

Not really, but one is that if a PC dies, they’re out of the game until the squad goes back to the battle station. There, they reroll a new character at random and play them. We’ve played this way before in a military style campaign and it worked really well, each player actually becoming extremely protective of each other. Also, since the new character is rolled at random, it makes protecting each role very important. The healer might die and the next character might be a scout, leaving the squad without a healer, changing future tactics.

Oh and Light Armor Proficiency. These characters are supposed to have gone through basic training. They can all wear light armor. It’s silly for them not to.

The original 5 characters were selected from a pool of 15 different randomly rolled arrays.

Brave New Worlds